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 October 24th, 2018.

Our staff participated in the Pilates Method Aliance pre-conference workshop lead by the team of specialists from Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City ,entitled "The Art of Overcoming Pain". The discussion included: importance of focusing on welness and prevention, improving function versus resolution of pain, finding solutions for coping with pain through movement in a safe environment. The participants agreed that the collaboration of medical professionals and Pilates teachers is proven to bring positive results in helping our clients/patients overcome chronic pain. 

We as Pilates teachers are a part of a "Beautiful transition - Pilates in the rehabilitation continuum"  


Abstract of our research publication in how we utilize PIlates after knee reconstruction surgery to restore full ROM in the knee joint. 

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"Good Morning Pilates"

a short instructional video on how to wake up your muscles and joints every morning:

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