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Classical Pilates Teacher Training Program 

 Our school’s mission is to train future Pilates teachers who will strive to preserve the timeless teachings

of Joseph and Clara Pilates.

School Catalog

Enrollment Requirements

To enroll, a prospective trainee 

  • must be 18 years of age
  • be injury free
  • must pass an entrance exam demonstrating proficiency in an intermediate level of Pilates on the reformer
  • have a beginner level understanding of Pilates mat and other apparatus  
  • have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates and be able to take corrections
  • feel the benefits of Pilates in their own body
  • be eager to learn, be motivated and disciplined

The trainees of this program receive full access to the studio, its teachers, clients and equipment. Trainees receive hands-on, closely supervised, thorough training in all aspects of Classical Pilates. This program prepares the trainees to take the  PMA Certification exam.

A preparatory course is available for prospective trainees who are not ready to be enrolled in the program. After being evaluated by Harmonious Pilates, Inc. each trainee's skill level is determined. The prospective trainees are then required to take private instructions, join group classes, and work out independently to achieve a level of skill required to enter the program.

The monthly fee to use the studio for independent workouts during the preparatory course is $150.00.

Discounts are available for private lessons and group classes.

Two People Working Out

Formal Lecture Series

The 120 hours of lectures covers all of the exercises on mat, all pieces of equipment, (Reformer, Cadillac, High and Low Chair, Ped-O-Pull, High Barrel, Half Barrel, Spine Corrector) and small apparatus ( Magic Circle, Bean Bag, Foot Corrector, Head Harness, Toe Gizmo, small weights, etc.).

It explains modifications for different levels of ability, the therapeutic application of Pilates, kinesthetic anatomy, and teaching techniques. Lectures are conducted over eight weekends, which include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and are spread out over a 12-month cycle.


750 hours of apprenticeship is the principal part of our Teacher Training Program. It consists of:

200 Observation Hours: Observing Harmonious Pilates, Inc. instructors teach clients. Trainees are required to keep detailed notes. •

 100 Lesson Hours: Private instruction and group classes taken at Harmonious Pilates, Inc. The ratio of group classes to private lessons taken must be approved by Harmonious Pilates, Inc. •

150 Personal Workout Hours: Working out on your own without an instructor during the studio's operating hours.
250 Practice Teaching Hours: Practice teaching volunteer clients. It is the trainee's responsibility to bring volunteer (non-paying) clients to the studio. The studio may provide volunteer clients, but it is not obligated to do so. • 

50 Miscellaneous Hours: Books, videos, and specialized workshops approved by Harmonious Pilates, Inc.

Completion Requirements

In order to complete our program in a timely manner, the apprentice needs to devote between 15 and 20 hours per week to the Teacher Training Program. Trainees are required to:

  • Attend Formal Lecture Series
  • Complete 750 Hours of Apprenticeship (Documented in a Log with Entries Verified by Authorized Signatures)
  • Complete a Case Study (Teaching 30 Hours of Pilates to a Non-Paying Beginner Client & Keeping SOAP Notes)
  • Complete  "Anatomy Coloring Book" (Prior to the First Lecture Series)
  • Complete the Reading List Supplied by Harmonious Pilates, Inc.
  • Receive a Passing Score of 85% or Higher on All Six Exams (Three Written Exams, One Performance Exam, & Two Teaching Exams)

*Trainees are required to keep a Trainee Log as a proof of satisfying the apprenticeship requirement. Verifying the signatures of instructors employed only by Harmonious Pilates, Inc. must validate all entries. Any apprenticeship-related activity conducted outside of Harmonious Pilates, Inc.will not be honored. Trainees must complete all of the lessons, personal workouts, student teaching, case study, and observations at Harmonious Pilates, Inc.

Written Exams:

Anatomy Exam: Taken between the first and second Formal Lecture Series.
General Knowledge Exam: Taken between the third and fourth Formal Lecture Series.
Final Exam: 12-essay exam and final case study report. Taken after the fourth Formal Lecture Series.

Performance Exam:

Level V on Mat or Reformer, supplemented with advanced exercises on the Cadillac and chair chosen by Harmonious Pilates, Inc.

Teaching Exams:

First Exam: Practice teaching exam designed to evaluate trainees as teachers with detailed, written feedback from Harmonious Pilates, Inc..
Second Exam: Final teaching exam with in-depth, written feedback provided.

*Teaching exams should be scheduled at least a month apart.

Tuition & Fees

The evaluation lesson is $85.00. It is required before enrolling in the program. A prep program may be needed in order to develop the necessary skills before joining the program. Tuition is $6,000.00 and includes:

120 Hours of Formal Lecture Series • 10 Private Lessons at Harmonious Pilates • Full Access to Harmonious Pilates' Studio for Apprenticeship (Observing, Working Out, & Trainee-Teaching) • Quarterly Progress Review • Mid-Year Evaluation of Teaching Skills & Personal Workout Level • All Exams (Three Written, Two Teaching, & One Performance)

*Tuition does not include the cost of private lessons or group classes. Trainees receive a 20% discount on private lessons and group classes at Harmonious Pilates for the duration of the program. Tuition is paid in one full payment of $6000 prior to the commencement of the program or in four quarterly installments of $1,500.00 each. First paymnt is due prior to the commencement of the program. 

Terms of Completion

Acceptance into the program does not guarantee graduation. Diplomas are awarded to trainees who score 85% and higher on all of the tests and submit a valid apprenticeship log. The program must be completed within one year. 

A six-month extension of the 12-month long Teacher Training Program may be purchased for an additional $650.00. Terms of the extension are subject to a separate contract.

Partial or full payment alone without satisfactory completion of the program requirements does not entitle the trainee to receive a certificate of completion of the Harmonious Pilates Teacher Training Program    

Non-Discrimination Policy

Harmonious Pilates, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, color, race or religion.