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Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training 


Educating Future Pilates Teachers Since 2002

 Our mission is to provide future Pilates teachers with comprehensive knowledge of Joseph Pilates’ traditional system of exercise. 

We expect our students to thoroughly understand the principles and fundamentals of the method. We teach them to recognize and respect Pilates’ conditioning and restorative attributes that define the method as a timeless and stand-alone discipline. 

In that spirit, we maintain original order of the exercises, emphasize transitions and the importance of precise instructions.

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Be the best you can be and take charge of the quality of your Pilates education.
Choose a comprehensive training program that will challenge you physically and stimulate you intellectually.  

Be a positive influence; make a positive difference in the world.
Knowledge and experience  can only be attained by diligent study. 


 Being a Pilates teacher is one of the most rewarding professions in the field of physical fitness.

To become a successful teacher and gain recognition for your expertise, you must first study the Pilates method in-depth and allow yourself time to practice performing the exercises as well as practice teaching them.

The only path to becoming an esteemed Pilates teacher is to understand the nuances of this ingenious method that has the power to improve physical and mental well-being. 


At Harmonious Pilates we strive to create a nurturing environment that fosters the development of future teachers and facilitates their growth as deeply knowledgeable professionals. 

Our Program Director, Joanna Telacka has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and educating teachers since 2002. 

Joanna  received her 900 hours Comprehensive Teacher Training diploma and her  Master Program diploma from the Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Her teachers, Amy Taylor Alpers and Rachel Taylor Segel trained under Romana Kryzanowska in New York City. Honoring Romana's lineage, Amy and Rachel pass on the  legacy and tradition of the original, classical method of Pilates to their students. 

Ms. Telacka is also Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher.

Her dedication to preserving the purity of the method and maintaining high educational standards has been guiding her efforts in training successful Pilates teachers. 

How to choose a training program and why it matters.

The reality of being a Pilates teacher:

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Our Comprehensive Teacher Training Program is comprised of 900 hours of lectures and apprenticeship combined. It meets and exceeds the minimum standard of 450 hours established by the Pilates Method Alliance. This program meets the 10 Educational Standards and has been approved by the Pilates School Approval Program since 2018.

The Program takes about 10-12 months to complete, if on the day of the commencement of the Program your personal Pilates practice is at an intermediate level and if you can designate 15-20 hours per week to fulfill the apprenticeship requirements. 

If you have limited time during the week to devote to training, you can still participate in our Program by taking extra time to complete it. Meeting with the Program Director will help you assess how to best plan your individual course of study. 

After completing graduation requirements (see School Catalog) you will receive a Pilates Teacher Certificate

and will be qualified to take the  Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher Exam. 

To enroll, a prospective trainee must:
  • be a high school graduate or have a high school equivalency diploma
  • be 18 years of age
  • pass an Entrance Evaluation Exam demonstrating proficiency in intermediate-level Reformer
  • have no injuries that would prevent the performance of challenging exercises during the course of the program
  • have beginner understanding of Mat and Cadillac
  • feel the benefits of Pilates in their own body and be able to respond to corrections.
No applicant will be denied admission to the Program on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, gender   identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.

Notice: Harmonious Pilates does not guarantee employment or certification for graduates of its program.         

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Teacher Training Program Application



Harmonious Pilates accepts candidates who partially fulfilled requirements of another program or graduated from another program but wish to further expand their knowledge.


BRIDGE PROGRAM is apprenticeship based. Maximum 450 hours.

Bridge Program can fulfill student’s various needs.

-       to teach the Pilates’ traditional exercise system to students who completed another program


-       to broaden the knowledge the teacher already has in the Pilates’ traditional system of exercise

Entrance requirements: 

Graduate of minimum of 450 hours comprehensive program


Teaching test on Reformer and Mat

Performance test on Reformer

The Program Director will also customize the training program if the prospective student’s Pilates level of knowledge does not fit into the above-mentioned circumstances.

For further information please contact Joanna Telacka at (516) 365-8228 or email at harmoniouspilates@yahoo.com