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Pilates Is a Way of Life,
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Small Reformer classes /intermediate level

Monday        9am

Wednesday 10am

 Saturday     10am

 25-minute beginner level  Pilates video workout 




We teach Joseph Pilates' TRADITIONAL system of exercises.

Pilates is an optimal method of body conditioning for EVERYONE

Give Pilates a chance, and it will change Your life!

Pilates Exercise

We are trained in classical Pilates, the traditional method of movement that Joseph Pilates tought to his students over 100 years ago.  Whether you are out of shape or an athelete, we will teach you challenging, yet safe sessions. Our studio is fully equipped with large and small apparatus. To address individual needs, we focus mostly on one-on-one lessons. We also offer small group classes on reformer and tower (up to 4 clients). Duet sessions and custom group classes with up to 3 participants available. Private lessons in 55 and 30 minute format


Pilates Therapy

 Do you suffer from chronic pain or injury?   Pilates is an effective rehabilitation tool. In  one-on-one setting our teachers will address your injury and/or complaint. Trained in classical Pilates they will structure the lesson  that will address your specific needs. You will learn the correct movement patterns that in turn and over time will help you decrease or alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Our Licensed Physical Therapist  on staff is also a Pilates Teacher trained in classical Pilates. He combines Pilates  with traditional physical therapy protocol when necessary. For more information click here:https://joanna-telacka.mykajabi.com/PT-information

Pre-surgical consultation available. Learn how to use crutches, walker or cane before your surgery so that you can have an easier post-surgery recovery. Call to inquire.

Pilates Therapy

Teacher Training Program

 Become a Teacher
We offer 900-hour apprenticeship based comprehensive program and a Bridge Program for current teachers.  Virtual and in-person training available. Completion of the comprehensive program makes you eligible to take the NCPT exam to receive an internationally recognized Pilates teacher certification. 

Become a Pilates enthusiast and discover the multiple benefits of Joseph Pilates' traditional system of exercise. Like many of our long-time clients for whom Pilates is a way of life, you too will thrive and reap the lasting rewards of this ingenious method of exercising. Under the guidance of our highly skilled teachers, you will achieve your personal best. 

Improving body awareness, focusing on precise movements, and mastering better body mechanics are just a few of the many benefits of developing a body-mind connection. You become skilled in the principles and fundamentals of Pilates and are able to apply them to each new exercise you learn.

Aside from the varied equipment that provides a constant challenge, the method consists of levels of difficulty you strive to master. You layer new skills on top of the ones already acquired and continuously improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and correct posture. After each session, you feel very accomplished, rejuvenated, and you know that you just had a great workout.

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Classicl Pilates for Modern Life

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About Us

Harmonious Pilates is a Pilates studio in Roslyn, New York founded in November of 2000 by Joanna Telacka MS, NCPT and Wojciech Telacki MS PT. Harmonious Pilates is a fully equipped studio teaching Joseph Pilates' traditional system of exercises. It is also the home of  Harmonious Pilates Teacher Training, offering a comprehensive Pilates education to those who wish to teach pilates professionally. It is a 900-hour apprenticeship based training that takes minimum of 1 year to complete. 

Harmonious Pilates, Logo

Joanna U. Telacka MS is a  Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and is certified in the Pink Ribbon Program, a therapeutic exercise program for breast cancer survivors. She is also an active educator of Pilates teachers and is the Program Director of the Harmonious Pilates Teacher Training Program.

Wojciech Telacki MSPT is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Pilates Teacher, and a Pilates educator.

Ann Marino is a Senior Pilates Teacher and a Pilates educator.

Iwona Kurek-Lapies is a Pilates Teacher and a Pilates educator.


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