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Why is Pilates beneficial?


 Why should You practice it?

Pilates Is a body conditioning method that promotes uniform development so the body functions at its maximum efficiency. It addresses not only core strength, but overall strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. You may be experiencing aches and pains related to age, injury, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged illness, pregnancy, or post surgery. Pilates can help you ease the discomfort, and make you whole again.

Just lack of flexibility alone can create joint misalignment causing and leading to chronic joint pain in areas such as back, hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, and neck. Lack of core strength can create back pain and weak pelvic floor muscles which may result in difficulty completing simple every day tasks such as sitting, walking and carrying groceries. If you live with scoliosis,Pilates will improve quality of your life addressing the lack of symmetry in your body and physical issues that arise from it.  

How would you like to feel athletic, pain-free, and have great posture and strong core? There is a reason why professional athletes turn to Pilate. It keeps them injury-free. It can do the same for you. And if you are athletic, Pilates will improve your game. Whether you play tennis, golf, run, bike, and swim, participate in group sports, or triathlons, Pilates will keep your body strong and flexible. You may even beat your personal best.

Pilates Repertoire Varies From Basic to Advanced Exercises

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