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Pilates & Physical therapy

You can still do Pilates when you have an injury or a complaint.

Your Pilates sessions will be modified to address your needs. In our 19 plus years of working with a wide array of population, we have established that Pilates stands alone as a proven method of easing or alleviating chronic pains. You will not only learn how to access and use your core muscles to develop proper body alignment and body mechanics, but also how to prevent further injuries. Our  Pilates Teachers are well equipped to address common injuries and complaints and will make your session effective and safe. 

Pilates complements Physical Therapy

Pilates has proven effective as a method of ther

apeutic exercise.

Has the quality of your life worsened because you suffer from chronic pain, struggle with lack of balance, coordination or overall strength? Have you unsuccessfully tried numerous forms of treatment? Our studio is the place for you.

For those individuals who need more complex treatment, Pilates becomes a supplement to their physical therapy protocol. Our licensed Physical Therapist/Pilates, Teacher Wojciech Telacki M.S.P.T. will evaluate your condition and design a program to help you address your issues and assist in your recovery.

More information: https://3b0385c8dac3939d590bbd207bd574c8.mykajabi.com/PT-information

To see the abstract of our research on combining Pilates and Physical Therapy in post-surgery rehabilitation click here: