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5 reasons to take virtual 

one-on-one lessons 

or small group classes: 

May 11, 2020

  1.   You get to do Pilates again! 

How long has it been? How many of us can honestly say that they have been doing great at keeping the Pilates routine going? How many of us are waiting around for better times so that we can jump back on the equipment? Yes, some bodies respond better to springs and pullies, and some bodies are not able to do Pilates without springs and pullies. But …most of us can do just fine with only a mat, a pillow and gravity. 

2.  You get another set of eyes to observe your technique and alignment and give you feedback. 

Even if you are motivated enough to search the internet for free content and follow along with a Pilates instructor, you still only put your body through Pilates choreography. You cannot be certain of how much you benefit since the benefit comes from correct pattern movements and accessing the right muscles; Giving your body what your body needs.

3. Accountability for keeping your body in shape and your mind focused, if you need it and when you need it. 

If you are using this time, during stay-at-home order, to diligently stay away from Pilates, you know you are not really doing yourself a favor. There was once a reason why you walked through the Harmonious doors and continued walking through regularly for months and even years. If you have prepaid for your Pilates already, why not use it to do a virtual lesson once in a while? If the studio was opened, You would be on the mat for sure.  Because even if Mat is not your favorite flavor of Pilates, we make you do it every few sessions ANYWAY 

4. You get to interact with another human being, one that possibly already knows you

If you are feeling blue and lost because life is not what it was two months ago… occasional contact with someone that you used to spend time with every week may prove to be just want you need, in order to cope.

 And you get a feel-good workout out of it too!

5. We miss you!

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