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Pilates Workshops

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2018 Workshops

Classical repertoire on Low and High Chairs

Level Intermediate and Advanced

Saturday  DECEMBER 15th, 2018

2:00pm - 6:15pm


Price: $100

To sign up

call us at         516-365-8228 

email us at     harmoniouspilates@yahoo.com


Chair, in its versatility, provides ample ways to support and challenge our body and mind connection. It also provides tools to navigate common injuries and complains.

Proper spring tension and timing of the movement facilitate the most efficient use of muscles and integration of muscles and joints together which in turn promote body’s uniform development.

This workshop is for Pilates teachers who wish to review and deepen their understanding of intermediate and advanced classical repertoire exercises.

Upon completion the participants will be able to create a well-rounded yet challenging lesson for their clients.

Previous workshops

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Teacher Training Lecture - Cadillac and Chair level III/IV

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For more information please call the studio at (516) 365-8228 or email us at harmoniouspilates@yahoo.com