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November 12th, 2017 - 9am -3:30pm

PMA approved – 6 CEC

How to properly teach spinal extension and provide a strong foundation for safe and effective teaching of the entire Pilates repertoire.

This workshop is for Pilate's teachers who want to further their knowledge in the subject of spinal extension and acquire new teaching tools, confidence and fresh perspective

on the classical Pilates material.

Learn how you can teach spinal extension correctly, without creating stress on lumbar and cervical spine by utilizing the concept of thoracic extension, decompression and elongation. Using beginner mat Swan as example, and utilizing imagery, tactile cues and props we will analyze how to help a client develop a healthy spine. 

We will demonstrate how to reinforce thoracic extension concept in teaching correct spine extension on all apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, High Barrel, Chair (beginner through advanced)

Is there Pilates Swan in every exercise?

Analyze a number of exercises such as, but not limited to: stomach massage, short box, elephant, knee stretches, mermaid, standing chest expansion, to explore, how the same thought process that is used to teach extension of the spine, can be used to correct posture and make flexion, rotation and lateral bending more effective and safer to teach to the general public.

Explore how to safely teach deep flexion exercises such as short spine, overhead, rollover, jackknife, scissors and bicycle, high frog, shoulder bridge, corkscrew, high bridge, headstands, using thoracic extension concept as a teaching tool to provide proper support for the cervical spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

Price: $250

Early Registration: $ 200

(expires on October 15th, 2017)

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