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Pilates Fundamentals - a solution to your morning aches and pains

Do you ever wake up full of energy for the new day only to realize that your body is stiff, your back is achy or you can barely move your neck?
Think about what you did the night before. Did you sit watching TV? Were you reading a book or browsing the Internet? Did you walk a lot? Were you talking on the phone while making dinner, holding the phone between your ear and shoulder trying not to let it fall into the soup? All these activities and plenty of others can contribute to how we feel when we wake up. Unless you suffer from chronic condition, most often than not, simple movements that stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints is all you need.

Pilates Fundamentals are mini-exercises that address the above, so before you try to get out of bed try doing them first. Ask your Pilates teacher to review the Fundamentals with you. If you are not doing Pilates at present, look for a studio near you. The skills you learn there will help to keep your body obeying your will for a very long time.